To create a safe and trusting environment for people who are going through difficult life circumstances. An environment in which they will feel a solid foundation under their feet again and find a way to recovery, development and prosperity.


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Humanitarian Aid Distribution: We support underprivileged families by providing them with humanitarian aid such as food packages, clothing, and basic necessities. Education programmes for children: We support the education of underprivileged children by providing them with access to quality education and learning materials.
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Help make a difference

We can't do everything, but each of us can do something to make a difference in another person's life.



Our programs are designed to help each participant develop a fresh and hopeful perspective on their life and future. We do not chase the number of participants, we want to help individually those who want positive changes in their lives, to achieve these changes.


Through positive changes in the way people look on their life and changes in thinking, we encourage them to develop their inner strength to make better decisions on a daily basis, decisions that will build their lives, not destroy them.


When people begin to make wise choices in their lives, they can also begin to influence the lives of others around them and motivate them to do the right thing. This creates a ripple effect that affects the community.

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How we choose people who we are care about

Over the years of our activity, more than 50000 people have already passed through all our projects. But only some of these people remain under the care of the foundation for a long time (until they feel a solid foundation under their feet and start moving forward on their own). This is due to the fact that not all people are ready for changes and work on themselves. But we try to support everyone who is open and wants positive changes in his life.

We select people to participate in projects through social organizations we have checked, state social services of the city of Kyiv, churches and charitable organizations that take care of people in other cities. Having entered the project once, a person has the opportunity to become a ward of our fund and receive assistance on a regular basis. For this, people need to join one of our groups where they can grow and change. The groups are selected individually according to the interests and area of residence of each person and meet regularly in Kyiv and its surroundings (at least once every 2 weeks).

We have already witnessed such cases, for example, when a single pregnant mother came to us completely broke and with nothing behind her, except for a few hungry children. But after several years of our care for her, she got back on her feet, got married, built a successful family, got a job and became one of the leaders of our foundation who now take care of other people. This is the real story of a woman whose life has completely changed. Today, she serves not only with her time, but also with her finances. For confidentiality purposes, we do not disclose the names of our fund's wards. But it is incredible to see how the life of a single person recovers, blossoms and begins to influence society. We want more stories like this, so we keep doing what we do.

Categories of people we include in our projects:

Military personnel of the Ukrainian Armed Forces (active, wounded, veterans, etc.) and their families
Families in difficult life circumstances (official status DLC is granted by the state)
People who suffered as a result of russian armed aggression
People with complex chronic diseases
Pregnant women
Low-income families
People with disabilities
Single mothers, single fathers