May 11, 2024

Educated nation = strong state 📚🎓

As part of this year's School Backpack campaign, in August and September we gave children brand new backpacks, stationery sets and bug-out bags, which nowadays are a necessity for every pupil in Ukraine 👩🏻‍🏫🧑🏼‍🏫

When you get great high-quality stationery at your desk, brand new notebooks and delicious snacks in your bug-out bag, so that the time in bomb shelter during an air raid would go little faster — all those small things make studying definitely much more enjoyable. And we are very happy when children enjoy learning!

Also there is the Kilo of Kindness project, which we have been doing non-stop for two years now due to the war.
And in addition, during the last 2 months the "Generous Wardrobe" has been opened every Friday in our office.

Thanks to @novaposhta_humanitarian, along with all these good deeds, we were able to help our military by sending various useful things to the frontline to bring our victory in war closer 🙌🏻

We have never done that many projects at the same time. So we are grateful to all our volunteers who make it possible. We thank everyone who supports our foundation by generously and faithfully donating and trusting us. And let's continue

To give hope ✨

To strengthen the nation 💪🏻

And to believe in victory together 💛💙